Welcome to Ireland's only itinerant boat cover business, Barge Hawthorn: a sixty foot, wide beam Dutch style barge that is also home for Giles Byford and Jill Parkinson.  Above you will find links to details of our business, a little information about who we are, the Hawthorn Blog: a collection of writings and images from our time spent wandering around Ireland's inland waterways, and a gallery of Jill's artwork.


Please note: we live without a vehicle (just bicycles) and only work in the immediate vicinity of 'Hawthorn'. Small jobs (upholstery or repairs) can be brought to us but larger covers will need to be planned into our journeys. We have no fixed itinerary as that would rather defeat the aims of our chosen lifestyle but there is a route planner link above although, unfortunately, updating our movements is not always something I'm as efficient at as I ought to be.  Should you really need to know where we are or where we're headed then it's probably wise to contact us - phone and email options are on the 'Contact us' page.


We used to run a business called Camberwell Covers back in England. If you're in England and found yourself re-directed here, either looking for a new cover or to repair your existing Camberwell cover, then we can only apologise for our absence and suggest you contact one of England's many fine canvas workers.



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