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This blog is resting...

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I really ought to have posted this sometime ago, but I made a decision to have a rest from blogging when there seemed very little new to say. I've left several pages of archive up for anyone who may be interested, though not those from our first year in Ireland as this is now the subject of our first book 'Reedbound'.



A last late run

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Early October seemed a little too early to be mooring up, plugging in, and contemplating the season past. So we were happy to make one last run down to Derg for a week of work and socialising.

Ree's getting even shallower.

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We thought it unlikely that Lough Ree's levels would get any lower but, on returning to Lough Ree from our northern adventures, we found the level had indeed been dropped. And continues to fall.

Balloons over Lough Key

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The hot air balloon festival at Drumshambo was something we considered going to but it turned out there was no need as they came to us.

Lough Ree's level continues to drop.

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Last year's summer deluges meant the river was pretty high by early autumn, but that's certainly not the case in 2013.

Heading North

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A quick post covering our run from Derg to Shannonbridge.

Some contrast!

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My posts are becoming a bit like buses... Three photographs revealing the dramatic difference a bit of a blow brings to Derg.

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A week in dry dock

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It's been a while since we last bit the bullet and gave our hull the love and attention it deserves, and this time we didn't just bite the bullet: we swallowed a cannonball.

Loughs Key and Ree

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With a long standing commitment to our hull that we'd spend a week or so in Shannon Harbour making the rusty bits black again, we're heading downstream again. Though not without a few days on both Lough Key and Ree.


Above Lough Allen

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Apologies for the long delay in posting but we've had a few technology issues (having to replace the transformer for a relatively old Macbook in rural Leitrim... come to think of it where's not rural in Leitrim?) and the past fortnight has been excessively busy. Anyway, time to return to the high summer and Lough Allen.


The heat continues!

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I'm cautious about using exclamation marks - used to often they lose all meaning - but the unusual heat goes on, and it's hot! Which means we're keen to go to anchor so we can sleep with all the doors, windows and hatches wide open.  Which, with the odd exception, we've managed to do.

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We've experienced all kinds of extreme weather over our four years in Ireland including biblical deluges, frigid winters, howling gales, but never a heatwave. That is until early July 2013. And it's some experience.

Mid Shannon levels are getting very low.

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Indeed the weather may be barmy hot, and the water enticingly cool, but there's rather less of it in the Mid Shannon than we expected. And, apparently, there's shortly going to be even less.

A week at Portumna Bridge.

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 We've been busily beavering away with canvas, thread and fixings, yet still found time to briefly leave our temporary (thanks Les!) mooring below Portumna Bridge to take in some of the delights of a local festival.

In praise of 'Survishing'.

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Having been rather busy bunnies with lots of cloth to sew and covers to fit, I've not been blogging nearly as much as I'd wish. Not, with aforementioned commitments, that we've been boating much. That is with the exception of numerous and much needed mind resting dinghy runs with surveying kit and a fishing rod. I call this 'Survishing'. And I'm becoming an addict.

Mountain River, Roscommon

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'Have you ever been up Mountain River?' It's a question we've been asked on numerous occasions and, until very recently, one we could only reply 'not yet' to. Well we've now been up, and returned with more questions than answers.

A not so nice night at Clonmacnoise.

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As long as it isn't crowded with boats and the weather is favourable, there are few overnight moorings more peaceful than the jetty at  Clonmacnoise.  Or so we thought when intending to do so Friday last.

Fireworks in Carrick on Shannon!

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Fireworks on the river in Carrick on Shannon prove tempting, so we take a late dinghy run from Jamestown.

Beware of Sluices! Downstream of Jamestown Bridge.

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The stretch of the River Shannon below Jamestown Bridge is one of its prettiest, but also one of its most dangerous. A few photos and some information for the curious.

Putting an M through the Effin.

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Could we lend a hand getting 72M up the Royal Canal from Spencer Harbour to Ashtown? Of course we could...

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