Boat Covers

We’ve spent years living on the water, travelling, noticing what’s good and what’s not, and always with a view to making the best covers possible with the skills and space we have. We do not carry any patterns, nor do we use old covers as patterns for replacement cloths (this rarely brings pleasing results): all our cloths are genuinely bespoke and unique.

Of course, the process begins with using the best materials:

•    Heavy duty stainless steel frames and fittings

•    Quality fabrics – both acrylic canvas and marine vinyls

•    Heavy duty Acrylic thread – not cotton which fails long before the fabric.

•    Marine grade fittings

•    No 10 moulded zips – double stitched and fitted with storm covers. 

•    Quality window material – double stitched, not welded, for long life.

•    All our sundries are supplied by companies specialising in marine fabric and fittings.

None of the above would amount to much if we did not spend time with our customers designing a cloth that both works for them and lasts well. In the rare event that we need to repair or alter a cloth we have made we would usually do so without charging when next passing the boat.  If the work is more urgent we are happy to have it brought to us.

Rather than write a long list of what sort of covers we make I shall simply say that if it is made of canvas we can probably make it. Items made in the past have been as bizarre as rain covers for old tractors! So, if you’re wondering if we can do something, then just ask.

Inevitably, you will have noted that we do not publish a price list – how can we when most of our work is bespoke? What I will say is that the price we charge reflects our modest overheads. Should you want a quote please email a photo of your boat with a brief description of what you want or, if we are passing, just ask us to have a look.