Upholstery, something we avoided doing in England, is becoming a regular feature of our working life in Ireland. So it seemed sensible to put up a little information about what we can and cannot do, and some advice for people considering re-upholstering their boats.

What we offer:

  • New cushion covers complete with piping and zips. 
  • Upholstery of wooden based seating sections – usually stapled underneath. Boxed and piped if suited and required.

Space for stock is a luxury our lifestyle denies and we simply cannot carry a huge range of upholstery fabric. What we do have is the acrylic canvas used for boat covers – this works well as seating and has been a popular choice.  We are also able to get a cloth backed vinyl specifically designed for marine upholstery. This vinyl comes in a range of colours and would need to be ordered in so some notice and organisation is involved, as is the likelihood of a small delivery fee.  Should you wish for a fabric other than these you will need to source and supply it yourself (we are happy to advise on the suitability of fabrics).

Given the lack of space mentioned above, clearly stocking foam is impossible and you will need to get foam prior to our undertaking any work. If buying foam then please be a little generous: cut the foam a little larger than the size of the space you want to cushion (this will vary depending on the actual size – as always we are happy to advise). If you don’t do this you will either end up with a loose fitting cover or a cushion smaller than the space you wanted to fill!